Petition to bring back GameSpot Classic (Which do you prefer?)

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Posted by MajinVegetaGT87 (219 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: Petition to bring back GameSpot Classic (Which do you prefer?) (30 votes)

GameSpot Classic 93%
GameSpot 2013 Edition 7%

Cast your vote and HOPEFULLY this topic will grow large enough that that web developers of the site will take notice of their grievous error.

#1 Edited by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

there have been plenty of threads like this, but ill participate again. still prefer the new layout to the old one.

#2 Posted by harry_james_pot (11231 posts) -

It's not just the "layout" that got changed, it's not a skin or something. The whole site was remade, and there's no going back from that. What you can do however, is suggest features to be added or brought back.

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Petitions won't change anything,not even this. leon was right,let's see what are the things we can work out from this new heap,first we have unearthed union boards which were created long way before,but nothing else as of this time.just deal with it! you can't bring back what was gone a long time ago(not including personal experience obviously)

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These threads have been done to death. GS will improve over the coming year and will be better than ever.

Meanwhile, maybe this will keep you going till then.