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Hello, I might be mistaken here but now you cant pause a video so it will preload and then play it later, something we could do as a user which was great because we could watch the video without buffering.You could see the preloaded bar so you knew when it was done and this was very gratifying.

Now a days if I want to watch a HD video or higher quality the video constantly buffers taking away part of the experience. Anyone know why this change was done?

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That is buffering i think. And I'm with you on that one. Internet is slow where i am from so buffering videos is a must for me. They need to re-instate this again because i for one am already using alternatives to gamespot now for videos and I'm finding lots of other great sources of information. Gamespot may not be my number one site for much longer if things keep going this way.

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You are all out of luck.

GameSpot has switched over to the Adobe F4F format, which split the source video into half or quarter minute or so chunks. If there's anything to be buffered, it's the next chunk of a handful of seconds of video.

I don't know why GameSpot, or rather, CBSI, switched to this format. I have the impression that either it wants to manage bandwidth for viewers that are currently viewing the site, or it is just inimical to the downloading of videos.

You won't be able to buffer-load the entire video, unless you can somehow discover the URL address for the source video (and that is assuming that GameSpot doesn't close that loophole).

If you still want to watch GameSpot's videos and buffer the lot of them from start to end, go to its YouTube page.

Otherwise, it's time to leave the site.

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@Gelugon_baat: Thanks for all that info. Its a real pain they had to do this but it's broadened my horizons so thats a silver lining.