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Lately the right side of my profile page has been cut off so that I can't see some written stuff without changing my screen resolution. I use 800X600. I am unable to click see all next to tracked blogs. I also can't see anythng in my feed. Blogs and comments I read are also cut as they go to the right side.. I really like my resolution at 800X600 and this was never a problem before.

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I suspect you are seeing some variation of the issue mentioned here. It's obviously a layout problem of some kind, but I haven't had a chance to dig into it enough to figure it out, so at the moment I'm not immediately aware of a workaround aside from using a maximized browser window on a larger screen. At your discretion, you may wish to post there that you think you're seeing something similar with your screen resolution (and not just a non-maximized window). Screen shots and browser information may help.

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Thank you. I will post there and present a screenshot. I just had to change resolution to click submit.