OMG! thousands of emails!

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anytime someone comments on a article that i commented on, I get an email. I went into settings and turned off all three of the notifications and disabled them and im still getting emails. my phone battery cant handle the this type of load.

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@XxAK47xX: Did you try this..?

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You're not the only one, bub. Same problem.

And yes, all my receive email/notification options are turned off.

Really starting to piss me off. Can't even comment on reviews or articles anymore. It's too much hassle.

#4 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

could be the notifications trying to catch up. old notifications from when they didn't work previously. happened to me at one point.

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@foxrock66 said:

Negative. It's very fast and obviously new when it happens. I took the time to delete all the old ones, commented on that stupid COD thread, and ten minutes later I've hundreds of emails again. Hit unsubscribe, they stopped. Waited a bit, no messages. Commented again, not two minutes later BAM here they come again

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Gamespot is now directed to my junk folder.... As much as I like Danny's 'The Point', I don't want every comment made by every person after mine appear on my email.

#7 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

that sucks. strange bug. only affecting certain users.

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Yup... Me too. benbonney. Got everything turned off and still getting them. Going straight to my trash folder now.

#9 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

oddly enough, even though I have my notifications off, I still get some e-mails. not flooding, but they still get through.

#10 Posted by XxAK47xX (4773 posts) -

yea i have it switched off and they are still coming. im now getting 3 thousand emails a day.

#11 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

only solution would be to add gamespot to your spam list for now.