Old ratings and reviews deleted?

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I can't seem to find any topic that relates to mine, so I am just asking. I have been a member for many years, and have rated, I don't know, over 100 games and written a few review. Tonight I can only access "newest ratings", and cannot find the old ones at all on the drop-down menu. I have tried all different combinations, but they are nowhere to be found.

Is this a bug in the system or am I not seeing some option?

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You're talking about your old reviews and ratings, right? They're still there, they're just not viewable from your profile page.

Gamespot is apparently working on it.

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GameSpot has apparently been "looking into it" for almost almost 3 weeks ... there has been no update on WHEN it will be fixed. There are a few topics on this already, the main one is here:


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Thanks for the info guys.

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Just checked in today, and now everything is back, both the ratings and the reviews.