Notification settings require greater refinement

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The Friends feed would benefit greatly if our notification settings could allow us to better determine the content displayed (Am I right to assume these settings affect both Notifications in the top-right of one's profile, as well as the feeds?). Currently I receive notifications within feeds for all manner of informational dross (posted images, forum comments, friend following, etc) which, frankly, I could do without. Unfortunately, the relevant sections for these settings are severely limited, and no consideration at all given to some of the aforementioned types of notification.

i.e. there is just a binary, enabled/disabled choice for all or none of the following within settings for "My friend's updates"...

  • Friend posts a list
  • Friend posts a review
  • Friend updates their blog

Could we not see a wider selection given to these notification choices, and individual check boxes assigned to same?

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Yes please. This would solve the lack of a separate blog feed.

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@-INKling- said:

Yes please. This would solve the lack of a separate blog feed.

Yup, that was my thinking.