No trophy level progress

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Title says it all.

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The level system doesn't exist on the new GameSpot.

Your trophy level is just an archived value that will be used when the new level system is implemented - it won't change.

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@dab198: do you mean it wont change in the context of increasing, or wont change in the context of "wont be reset?"

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The former, it's just a static value for now.

I have no idea how GS are going to use the points in the new system, I don't believe that's been disclosed yet, but I think the plan at least is that you won't be starting back at level 1. What I took from what's been talked about so far (which isn't a lot, admittedly) is that your level will still be reset, but your archived point total will give you a boost. Your new level won't necessarily be same as your old one though.

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hopefully our boosts will be somewhat substantial. would really suck if we were at 50+ and be moved down to 20-.