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I honestly didn't think you guys could do this bad of a job. Someone should be fired. I find myself not even wanting to use the site anymore. It's a complete mess. Who's making the decisions up there?

No really, it's that bad..

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I agree. I am having a hard time finding what i used to come to this site for. The navigation is not good, the site is slow, and some of the valued content is not there anymore. How could they make this big of a change? Sites need to change to keep up with technology, but the change should be evolutionary, not revolutionary. I feel they I have been jerked around after being very comfortable with the old site and a very frequent user. I have tried this site now a few times and I am about to give up. I guess they are all too young to remember the New Coke fiasco. This is the New Gamespot and it really really sucks that the changes are so drastic that it is not even the same site anymore. They could have launched a beta version and sampled our feedback.

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I don't even know what started this whole thing. I visit gamespot one day and its this disaster. It's a complete mess and it really affects my usage of this site. Nothing I want is here now and if it is I can't figure out where at and don't want to waste my time trying to find it. To me it was perfect the way it was, maybe few improvements, but not this mess you call a website. EPIC FAIL

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I've got to agree here. For more than 15 years, this site used to be my no 1 PC video games source. Not only for reviews but for background info as well. I've seen many changes over the year but the last years, these changes have been for the worse. The amount and quality of background info has taken a dive and this site has become a backwater now for games info, especially compared to IGN, which used to be smaller than Gamespot. Too me it almost seems as if more than half of the editor team was layed-off: Never ever do I find good background info on games on this site any more.

And now we have these navigational changes that basically has made this site useless: So where's my page with all the PC games news and reviews? It has become a laughable piece of trash:

Gamespot, really? Why do you hate your audience so much?

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I have to agree. I hate the new website. Gamespot was my first stop to do quick reviews and to get the latest information and reviews specific to consoles. I have been a loyal user of gamespot for many years but will look for other alternatives now.

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Yes, the new gamespot is BIG FAILURE! Me too, i want the old site back...this new chaotic site IS NOT GAMESPOT! I'm here from 2005!!! and this site was for me a big oasis of games, pictures and videos, news and GREAT NEW REALESES CATEGORY! And now, the section of new realeses is awfull, without date realeses and is a nightmare ;( Look it at GAMETRAILERS and learn, new gamespot! For me, category of PC/NEW REALESES was something essential...Now? A BIG BIG MESS! And carelessness,unconcern for this category !

I'm very dissapointing and i'm thinking to find a new site, import all my reviews from here and migrate there and never navigate to gamespot :(

I don't want to do that but i'm forced...i will give it up to gamespot.

Whole site is a mockery, a mixed and insubstantial, games without pictures and release date ... a big mess.

THIS IS NOT MY GAMESPOT SITE! Bring back the old site and i will go back...

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I was also a long time Gamespot user. This change has ruined so many areas of the website that it is unusable now. There are so many broken areas, missing functionality, poor designs, and bugs... It's a real trainwreck...

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@Statistic: I have to agree with this site is a confusing mess. I do not like it at all and am very disappointed, what is the point its not an improvement the old site was good. Whoever is behind this should be fired and at least something very closely resembling the old site brought back. Farewell Gamespot used to love you now I avoid you.

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I am your member since 2007, but these new websites are horrible. Really bad :( Graphics editing isn´t good. Itś too slowly. I can´t navigate one game through other platforms :( I can´t find my older reviews and some older reviews are edit from you. For example I reviewed Crysis 9.5, now itś 9.0 :( Are you crazy? It makes me angry :(

There isn´t my complete list my older rewievs for 7 years, I can´t find it on my profile!!!. Really bad job!!!

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What you are all saying is painfully true. I joined these forums around the time that the first Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer "leaked" to the Internet, and GameSpot was always my number one source for game information. But now? This new design is an illogical mess, and nothing I ever enjoyed about this website, whether in usability or content, remains intact anymore. I think I'll just be getting all my game news from Destructoid anymore.

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OMG YES, more people that think like me. The site is horrible now to the point that I don't wanna visit it anymore. Unfortunately I have a feeling that they won't change it back or to something new anytime soon. I'm still wondering, who thought it was a good idea to let the site look like this...

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The new design sucks. I had my color scheme set, and everything ran like clockwork. Now, everything has a white background (which causes eyeball burn), and the entire site runs like a smartphone, which annoys the hell out of me. I have to scroll 5 times as much to see my news, and the option to cluster more stories on-screen seems to have disappeared since 2 days ago. I want less scroll and more control. I want the old site back. This site is as broken as

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yeah, been using this site for 10 yrs come december, and its really annoying that i cant see any game update notifications; ive even checked to make sure that im still tracking certain games. Add on top of that the UI issues like being unable to right click and new tab news articles on the far left column (you can on the center column by right clicking the image), overall it just makes getting your news/updates slow and tedious. i dont want to go anywhere else, this was so easy before, now.... if i had to use one word it would be "frustration."

#14 Posted by Vuppy (25 posts) -

I agree the new site looks like so much trash. And its performance is beyond awful. I really really liked the previous design. This new one is beyond understanding. The boards are awful now too. The white background is absolutely terrible for reading. And I don't want my profile public. I've been a member for a long time, and a paying member at that. This new design risks your entire business. I can't emphasize that enough.

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IT doesn't just look awful but it functions even worse. Why oh why did y'all ruin this site?

#16 Posted by d_parker (1759 posts) -

I have to join in with those bemoaning the change up - I think it's horrible and off putting.

Unless it gets nicer looking and easier to navigate it's not going to be my go to game site anymore.

If I want hassle, I'll log into IGN.

Pity as it was great before the change.

#17 Posted by jcknapier711 (470 posts) -

I don't think it's that bad. I'm sure they'll fix some of the things in the coming months. At least, I hope they do.

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Terrible, terrible site. Can't navigate it, can't find game I want information on such as Sims 3: Into the future, it takes me to Sims 3! No dedicated PC part. It's like you hired an IT company for a british government IT project, this is the sort of mess that usually happens in result. I will be going straight to IGN from now on. I will never use this site again as long as it's in this format. I think you just killed your business.

Fire everyone involved they are complete idiots

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The page is terrible - you site was my top preference when i was looking for new games. nothing works anymore. i get infos about games from 2011 as "new release". you engine seems to sort the game by months, not years.

a complete waste of time.

my kid brother could have done better.

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I thought i was the only one thinking this layout is terrible. It is beyond me why they ruined a working, functional site. Now, i can't find what i want, it's just a disappointing mess, nothing works. And where are the demos? I used to download demos all the time from here, new and old ones, also, maps, patches etc. Gamespot used to be the source for all kind of downloads, now what? Let them lose all their viewers, fortunately, there are some good sites out there. I was a member from 2004 and all i can say now is bye bye gamespot.

#21 Posted by MikeLirette (4685 posts) -

@AlbedoSnake: Snake my old buddy, I sadly agree that it's just a terrible site now.

#22 Posted by rlog360 (25 posts) -

@Statistic: I agree with you. I used this site all the time, I visited daily, but no more. Now I hate it. It is a useless montage of pictures and videos. I can't find anything that I actually want to see. This is the internet, it is used by people with computers more than the people on their xbox, don't insult us by forcing us to use windows 8 tiles. Fix the site and I"ll come back until then you will loose a whole lot of people that use the website from a computer. I know imagine that, using a computer to visit a website, its crazy. Who would have thought of that new concept?

#23 Posted by PrangeWay (74 posts) -


New site is just horrible. Before you could login, get specific news for the platform you where looking for, get easy lists of popular new releases, popular upcoming games. Bang easy as pie. I could login over lunch at work and in 15 min get my gaming news dose for the week. Now this site is useless... Its an "update" that hid anything useful and filled it with stuff I don't want to bother looking at. Now I have hunt down a whole new game news site after like a decade. Very Sad Panda.

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It really is horrible. One thing GS never got right is their player. It's always so buggy and slow. Why can't they simply use HTML5????? And they say that people tend to only watch videos and not download them. Who the hell can stream 720p vids without any buffering, the lower quality vids suck. Bring back the DOWNLOAD button!

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I agree, it is awful. I haven't visited this website in a few weeks because I know that what I want to see, won't be there. Or at least not easy to find anyway. Why you can't sort the top rated 360 games by genre anymore is absolutely beyond me. Heck... the latter is a major reason why GameSpot was so good. I can barely read the reviews now because the background doesn't look good with the text. GameSpot used to look like GameRankings... it was a simple layout and extremely easy to find anything. Not anymore.

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Agreed.. Horrible. Now i can't find anything properly.

#28 Posted by Bendinux (25 posts) -

What the Hell Happened to the Web Site !!!

I agree with all the other people above: The new GameSpot Web site is a COMPLETE FAILURE !!!

Did the new web designer got the job because of relation or baksheesh ?!

You've just broke something that was working pretty fine. Such a pity. Used to come here for years,I think it's time for me to move on to another gaming web site.

#29 Posted by MrStarkiller (18831 posts) -

All this and still nothing about the promised return of unions as sub-boards.

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The text is more streamlined in forums and comment section. But in the forums I'm not using 2/5ths of my screen. Imagine owning something and only using 60% of it.

#31 Posted by DigitalDame (4754 posts) -

Thank you all for providing this feedback. I'll add this discussion to this weeks Bug and Feedback report.

#32 Posted by d_parker (1759 posts) -

@Bendinux: Have a

@Bendinux said:

What the Hell Happened to the Web Site !!!

I agree with all the other people above: The new GameSpot Web site is a COMPLETE FAILURE !!!

Did the new web designer got the job because of relation or baksheesh ?!

You've just broke something that was working pretty fine. Such a pity. Used to come here for years,I think it's time for me to move on to another gaming web site.

Have you found another site like Gamespot - if so, let us know, I'll head over as this site has unfortunately become more hassle than fun.

I went to Giant Bomb only to find owned by same company and uses the same interface - yuck.

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I've been a big fan of Gamespot for at least 10 years, and I'm inclined to agree with most others...

Maybe you guys can make the new site look as much like the old site as possible?

#34 Posted by Miss_Ocelot (25 posts) -

I have no idea why they have done this, doesn't even look that up to date or anything. I can't figure out how to follow games, look at my old list of games that I'm following and various other things. It's just all so horrible and I loved this site, I relied on it so much to review games, so much so I'm willing to learn how to navigate the site, but it should be self explanatory like the old one was. This is just overly complicated and it's not even stylish. Quite annoyed.

#35 Posted by Lauryn2000 (2582 posts) -

# This layout is hideous!
I know the last time I was here was during the E3 coverage but OMG this is just way too confusing.
I've been a member since 2005 or 2006 and this had always been to go to site, because it was simple.

I popped in today and was totally confused, I added my avatar and background but you guys totally deleted all three badges I got from E3 2013.

At least I have a custom url on here faster than it's taking me to get one on Google+ ....smh.

#36 Posted by TAMKFan (33060 posts) -

@superclocked said:

I've been a big fan of Gamespot for at least 10 years, and I'm inclined to agree with most others...

Maybe you guys can make the new site look as much like the old site as possible?

Yeah, I think I would like to see that.

#37 Posted by Mr-Owl33 (42 posts) -

Definitely want to chime in here. I'm a long time user (since the 90's), am fine with "change", but this is just ridiculous.

I go to your homepage for xbox, and there's features and reviews on games released two tears ago. The coming soon/release dates is a mess, games are listed four times, and it seems like there's no order to anything. Who thought this was an improvement? It's horrible, and you should be able to tell by the abysmal participation of your game specific forums that people have abandoned the site in droves.

This used to be the best game site. Now it's not even close to that. Time to find a replacement.

#38 Posted by HipHopBeats (2793 posts) -

I was a long time lurker before finally signing up since almost everything gaming related could be found here. Now with this atrocious monstrosity of an updated new layout, I have to take my gaming interests elsewhere. Even IGN is a better visit than this new 'change for the sake of change' update crap.

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I have been a member for over 8 years. This had been my go-to site for game info. The old site would give me daily updates for any new items on the games I was following. Had easy to navigate compilations for owned/playing/wanted games. The news could be filtered based on platform. The individual game pages and forums were well linked and easy to navigate. Very few clicks required.

Now, after the switch. I get no updates for my followed games (which was a HUGE reason for me to visit the site regularly). The compilations (ie Stacks) are a nightmare to use and are buggy as hell, furthermore they still don't push update notifications when a new item is added. News page is cluttered and can't really be filtered anymore. Review pages are AWFUL, the score bar takes up the entire screen, there are no merit/demerit badges anymore, no easy to skim summaries. Individual game pages are also a PITA to navigate. Forums are also a huge step back, they show less posts, less forums, and less customization. Again they don't show notifications or at least I can't find where to see in my threads if new posts have been added. Don't even get me started on the catastrophuck that is the main page (games from 2+ years ago, some games missing, reviews not bumped to the top, many more issues)

Here is the summary. I was a loyal fan and visited the site daily before the change. Now after the change, without notifications on my followed games, and all the other terrible design decisions I find myself visiting less and less. And truth be told I would leave almost instantly if there was another popular site that had the same style design as the old site.

Final note - FIX IT!

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Agree with all the negative feedback above - what a brutal, sloppy mess!!!

Is there some unwritten rule at Gamespot, in the vein of, "We must change the website every couple of years, just because?" Whoever's watch it was this time, f'd up royally!

Functionality - non-existent!

Look - brutal!

Serious, did ANYONE in a position of authority review the proposed changes before implementing them? There is an old saying - if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!

IGN time....

#41 Posted by ShadowsDemon (9550 posts) -

@TAMKFan said:

@superclocked said:

I've been a big fan of Gamespot for at least 10 years, and I'm inclined to agree with most others...

Maybe you guys can make the new site look as much like the old site as possible?

Yeah, I think I would like to see that.

That would be really, really sweet.

#42 Posted by yourexhellency (25 posts) -

it's official - this new site now sucks swinging donkey balls!

#43 Posted by jmeeks3282 (25 posts) -

agreed with every other post.. new site layout is terrible... please revert to old layout or completely revamp this layout again, it is horrible. this new layout feels more like a terrible beta for the old design rather than an upgrade. might have to look for other sites to get my gaming info... which is sad since I've been coming on gamespot since it started...

#44 Posted by Bjornishigi (25 posts) -

Yes, this site is now a disaster and I will go elsewhere after having used this site for years. Somebody should indeed be fired for this fiasco. The site was probably so popular before in part because it made sense and had a good intuitive interface. Then I noticed things changing for the worse with accessing player reviews and now this. There is no other way to say it, this is horrible, ESPECIALLY because it was great before!! Let's take something thats working and completely break it. Like what youtube did. The new youtube sucks and so does this.

#45 Posted by Darkfibre (62 posts) -

The content is there, but the landing pages are bland and empty of content. I want the home page to be more like a newspaper, not one huge picture.

#46 Edited by Justforvisit (2660 posts) -

Yeah, they really BRUTALLY effed GameSpot up now, been here since about the days of Dissidia 012 and I LOVED the site so far. Then they severed ties with GameFAQ's which made every not so famous and active specific game board near dead, but at least Blockbuster Games still had it's audience on the Boards.

When this state was JUST about to recover they transformed a PERFECTLY functioning system into THIS CLUNKY MESS and it took me about 2 days to even FIND the new game specific boards now, typing in a game in the search bar often results in that stupid "Nothing but a barren wasteland" result (Oh Ho funny.....NOT!) and after I found it and wanted to start a legit discussion for Battlefield 4....guess what: Have you seen how many topics now go with ZERO answers? Even in AAA Board forums?

This is just sad and ridiculous and if GameSpot doesn't do anything about the HORRID state it is in right now I guess I'll be among the users who will use this site less and less frequently until I'll be gone for good.

#47 Posted by Malfestus (25 posts) -

I used to use Gamespot to seek new releases and weekly game releases, so that I could browse releases by week and see what I might have missed.

That functionality started to diminish when Gamespot started leaving up Thumnails for games with no screenshots or information or anything, but I could always google it.

But now, I can't even use Gamespot for what I mainly used it for anymore. It's just, broke. It's like a poor man's IGN and I HATE IGN.

One good thing about it though is it forced me to finally use Destructoid when, once you figure out the calender and everything, is pretty good.

#48 Posted by the_onlyone (25 posts) -

I've been a user since 2005 and the new site is just sooo bad. It's horrible, absolutely repulsive. The layout of the pages look they they've been designed by a 5 yr old. The old page used to be so informative and showed me everything at a glance. I'm gonna stop using this crap and move to IGN.

#49 Posted by Quebeckjenda (36 posts) -

Gamespot - Metacritic 0:1

#50 Edited by foxrock66 (406 posts) -

The team bit off more than they could chew and rushed ahead instead of taking the time to make things work properly. I've been around here since '05 or so - been using this account exclusively since 2010. This is easily the worst "redesign" I've ever seen.

I'm not uncomfortable with change. I rather like it. I like things to be fresh and exciting. Until this particular fiasco, I've thought the changes made around here have mostly been pretty good.

But countless site crippling bugs are not exciting. Thousands upon thousands of spammed emails from the comment system is not exciting. Missing and broken features are not exciting. Ignoring your community is not exciting. A completely hideous metro interface is most definitely not exciting - seriously, where has a metro interface worked?

I don't want the old site back, and even if I did, that won't happen because there is such a thing as ego. But I do want this place to actually function. Right now it doesn't - not even close.

I don't come here to be frustrated. But that's all I've gotten out of this place since this went down. I'm a patient guy, but if there isn't some serious work done and soon, I like many others will be saying goodbye,