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I used to always go through the "new releases this week" to make sure I wasn't missing any games I might be interested in, and would scroll back when I'd miss a week or two, or look forward to see what's coming out soon.

Now there's no seeing releases by date, and the top game under "new" releases for PC is Sims 3, a game that came out over FOUR YEARS AGO! In fact several games in the top of the "new" releases list didn't even come out this year!

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I completely agree with you.

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yea that was the main feature i used on this site and now i cant realy find anything im looking for not even the release date feature for us, eu, japan, hope something is done the New releases is the moust important part for this site

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Same with 'Coming Soon'. I want to know what games are coming before Christmas so I can prepare my wallet for the Steam sale, instead there's a weeks worth. Who is that useful for?

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I really hope this is fixed. It seems like to only improvement that was made is that it's a bit easy to post in the fourms. Everything else is broken or missing

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the New game this week was THE one feature of the old GS that I was using constantly... I used to see what the next weeks had to offer, title that didn't make the GS news or got lots of attention and my main sources to find game to follow.

I hope they fix this

is it me or the new GS is slower than the old one?!