New on GameSpot - The lobby (Fixed)

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Just a quick one: The link for it (title) is malformed - it's displaying as if the URL was "item.url" (or "/item.url" with the way the browsers interpret it) instead of or an alternative working link like it should be. Seems like it's probably just a typo or a little piece was otherwise overlooked.

This appears to be the case on all pages with that New on GS 'pod' on it, and occurs on both chrome and firefox (and IE, both 32-bit&64-bit, seen as I had to load them to test something else). The PS4 Giveaway part of it works fine. As such, the issue is likely with the specific element of the pod itself...but the devs probably already figured that from the "item.url" anyway.

Edit: This has now been resolved.