New On Gamespot ad getting in the way.

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So this New on Gamespot PS4 ad is getting in the way and i cant remove it.
its annoying.

pic wouldnt show up, so here is the link. i cant move it and it blocks the text. ive tried adblocking it. it just blocks the image but the text still stays and interferes with it. anyway to remove it? i didnt see no 'x' to click.

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That should be appearing to the side of the forum text box and above the main board listings, not on top of it - which browser/OS are you using? and are you using any add-ons that alter the site CSS or layout in any way (including non-default ad-blocker lists)? It's not clear from the cropped screenshot.

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i use Firefox/Windows 7 and that Stylish add on to center the forums.

thats probly the reason.

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yea just tested, and it is the center forums stylish thing.

when i turned it off, the ad appeared on the right and didnt interfere. when i turned it on, the ad overlapped the text.

just a minor inconvenience. just have to turn it off when needed, then back on.

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That user-stylesheet that stylish uses could be modified to remove that new on GS part as well easily enough as the whole thing is within uniquely named divs, chances are the creator/maintainer just hasn't done so yet (and I believe that part is auto-hidden on mobile devices too, so they may not even be aware of it). Of course, the site will continue to get updates in the future that may require that user-stylesheet to be updated as well if it's to continue to work properly.

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Seems like this might be associated to this bug that was reported earlier (Which has since been fixed). Are you still experiencing this?

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yea its still there.

the stylish thing probly just needs to updated. until then, ill just keep turning it off and on.