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Came here to confirm that the new gamespot site s*cks totally..

I just wanted to search for Civilization brave new world, the results are sorted by Relevance" , and it shows my every other game on this goddamn planet except the one im looking for.

I mean i looked for the most famous "civilization" term in gaming. It had to to put me those results. Not anything other than that. I dont recall the site being like that before this big update...
Or for example if i search for "civilization" only, it should f*cking show me all the Civilization games sorted, 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 (when sorted by relevance). Not some games that even their creators dont remember them.
So please fix this.. Change is nice, but if you want to change , make sure first it works..

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supposedly its being worked on.

EDIT: also, the only form of search that works somewhat well is only the game search. even then, its still not as good as before. but its getting there.

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Try looking for Civilization V Brave new world

Which is a really famous game with a score of 9.5
Just try and search it...
It got on my nerves really

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yeah, I know what you mean. the main search bar at the top is horrible, and the game search isn't too much better. hopefully this will get fixed soon.