New design is extremely laggy

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I have a 5 year old laptop and been browsing Gamespot for years without trouble but this new page layout lags so much that I don't even want to visit this site anymore due to the poor experience. The new design is quite heavy, I'm using Firefox and I know that's an issue since its been a horrible performer for quite a while now but the add ons I have are a must. I also tried the latest Internet Explorer (desktop) from Windows 8 and it was much smoother but still nowhere near what it was before.

Is there a way to turn the page layout back to the old one or am I just screwed and will have to leave this site until I decide to buy a new laptop?

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By lags I take it you're referring to the delay before the page loads rather than it partially loading and then taking forever to fully load?

The delay is caused by the server response time being exceptionally high atm (several full seconds, rather than the typical 200-300ms (which still isn't great, but isn't all that noticeable when website browsing) the site used to have), but that's mainly due to new code being pushed to it constantly, among other things, rather than the layout itself. Most of the new site should be lighter on bandwidth/resources than the old one - the video heavy parts may well be an exception to that, but they shouldn't be auto-buffing or anything like that so even those parts shouldn't be particularly laggy to load outside of the server delay.

Cached parts of the site might not make it quite this obvious but basically:

Significant delay to start actually loading the page itself but loads fast once it starts = probably just the server response delay, which will go away once all the bugs are fixed, code is no longer being constantly pushed to the site, and the servers are stabilised.

Page loads but certain parts take a long time to load = some parts of the layout may be inefficiently loading for some reason, outside of video heavy pages or videos themselves maybe not loading all that fast though, that shouldn't be the case.