New comments system jams my pc

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#1 Posted by masterdrat (1074 posts) -
The new comments system isn't good, it completly jams my browser on popular articlces until all comments are loaded (on an i7 2600k with 35 mbps internet connection), bring back the 50 top comments limit. I'm using IE9. It's smoother/faster on chrome but the screen shakes when they load.
#2 Posted by Godhand___ (1 posts) -

This happens to me as well, and it doesn't happen on other websites with auto-loading systems. But on gamespot, any popular article (NRA video, GOTY announcements, etc.) my browser bogs down massively and I have to close out of the site or else my entire browser will crash. Is there any option to turn off the auto-updating?

#3 Posted by leolim (8 posts) -

Yes it happened to me too... the tab in chrome would just freeze... i have to open a new tab...