My email is not in the gamespot database?

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Today I was trying to log in to the gamespot universe and as usual I had forgotten my user id, so I tried sending my password to email using the forgotten password link, but, guess what, it says my email was not found, so i had to go back to the first gamespot mail to find my uid and then i tried every password I ever kept until I finally logged in.

Mods please solve this issue. I dunno why this is happening, coz i received the verification email as well, if my email was not in the db to start with I would have never gotten that email and I would have never gotten all the updates that I've gotten till date.

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Hi there ill have to have you send @LarkAnderson or @edgework a PM with your Email in it and request if there is account under that email to force send the Password Recovery

Gamespot Mod JP

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@mirck1988: Do you remember what the last time you had logged into GameSpot was? I just checked in on your account and your email address is there now, but it's possible that if you hadn't logged in recently we just hadn't imported your email address from our central registration service.

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@LarkAnderson: ok, so as @juniorpower mentioned I'll send you a PM with my email address? then someone will import the data from the CRS?