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If you go to the Games Discussion forum right now you see spam and illegal links taking over the forum. This is a somewhat common occurence unfortunately. I have flagged about 10 different threads all near the top of the list that are fake or illegal.

Is there any way we can get you guys to start taking these douchebags down or banning them instead of allowing them to litter the forum?

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@jer_1: Hello there,

We the moderators are only Volunteers so we are doing the best that we can to control and contain the spam. Please FLAG any spam / illegal activites and we will get to it as soon as possible.

If the spam sticks around after you reported it you can feel free to contact us and we will do our best to handle the situation

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Great, thank you sir! I realize you guys just aren't always around to do this and I try to flag those types of posts as often as possible. Today there is more than I have seen previously so I thought I'd ask.

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@jer_1: Incidentally, if you're interested in joining the team as a moderator please send us a PM on why you would like to join.

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@DigitalDame: I appreciate the offer but I probably should bow out for this one. At times I'm a little quick to judgement so it may best be left to more level-headed folks! Unless you are in need of assistance I would just have to say "thanks, but no thanks".