MOD can't find the Ask a Mod section so posting here.

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my thread was locked. i don't see any other mod right now to ask, and whichever mod locked my thread gave no reason why my thread was locked. so i'm just asking you since ur the first Mod i've seen post on here today. i'm writing you to ask, why was my thread locked? it wasnt an infamous thread...every link in it is in reference to the game Watch Dogs? so i'm not sure how or why my thread was locked. i did take a jab at Infamous in the thread...but that can't be the reason the thread was locked. i mean...this is a system wars forum the whole reason of system wars is to put one against the other. to lock my thread with no explanation because i simply mentioned Infamous in it would be beyond ridiculous then lol. if thats not the reason...can i have the actual reason then? because my thread as of right now is locked for no justifiable reason. and i would like it unlocked or at least get an explanation why its locked and why it it should remain locked.

thanks, for replying in advance. i'm more than willing to change anything in the thread to make it more suitable for...whoever...for whatever reason. i just need to be made aware.

i know this is the wrong section for this thread but like my title says...i can't find the link to the ask a mod section to post there. i'd appreciate some help with this or a link -that actually works- to the Ask a Mod forum. thank you.

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@tymeservesfate: The Ask the Mods board was axed from the site redesign though you can get in touch with the entire Moderation team by sending us a PM.