Messaging system - when will it work correctly again?

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#1 Posted by s_h_a_d_o (1291 posts) -

Any word on when I might be able to use this feature?

#2 Posted by leon2365 (13050 posts) -

so far, ive been able to send messages fine.

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Are you referring to private messages? If so what error are you seeing exactly?

#4 Posted by s_h_a_d_o (1291 posts) -


Initially wanted to test by sending a message to myself - these are what I've found...

Bug 1: Recipient search field not discovering users - this seems to have been addressed.

Bug 2: Text input in Recipient search field illegible - also addressed.

Bug 3: I've sent three test messages to myself - they show fine as having been sent from within my Outbox, but I've received nothing in my Inbox. If you could try sending me a PM as a test would be great.

Bug 4: @[username] tags from comments/articles do not send any form of notification through as a private message (as it did previously).

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Bug 1: Awesome.
Bug 2: Great!
Bug 3: I've sent you a PM.
Bug 4: The tag in the comments section is due to a severed connection to the Livefyre Servers (the same issue that has causes a un-sync of profile images), once we're back online with that we can test further.

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@DigitalDame: OK - got your message and replied - I assume not being able to message oneself is a feature(?)