Message for Lark Anderson

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I sent you a PM, please take a look. I only need help with 1 little request and that is the only thing I'm requesting. Please help me out with it.

#2 Posted by harry_james_pot (10834 posts) -

Lark is the product manager, so he might not have the time to respond. Are you sure your issue can't be solved by the community manager or even a mod?

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I tried asking moderators, but most don't respond and the ones that did, they told me that they can't do anything about the issue. It doesn't pertain to the forum, but to a site element.

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The GameSpot-staff, all of 'em, are truely slow at answering their PMs.

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Not disagreeing, but it's absolutely ridiculous. It's been over a month with no response. At this rate, they'll only be done with 5 support questions by the end of NEXT year.