Malware is being distributed by gamespot advertisers

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Gamespot: one of your advertisers is displaying phony "Download" buttons that install malware. In this case the malware is from Sweetin Technologies Ltd. Looks like a browser hijacker.

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I can see that's a Mac OS, but still,you should follow the guidelines in that link,I've done it before on Windows7,and don't forget to install adblock+ to enhance security

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Yeah we hate that scumbag shit and it gets pulled down soon after it appears but they just keep buying more impressions under different names. Its all a part of the ad network. We have little control over which ads are served at any given time but we do get them pulled when we see them.

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@pzul_wisner: Do people honestly click "Download"?

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@SirSlimyScrotum: that "Download" button was a bait from the alleged malware,I'm sure people like us are smart enough to tell the difference,just be sure you're suspicious about it before the pointer took the bait

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People most certainly do fall for this scam. The victims are our friends and family members. We get the calls to fix their computers.

Someone should start a smarter ad network that filters this stuff away to protect the reputations of the hosting sites.

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@pzul_wisner: and this is why adblock+ is the solution,install one for free,it's usually provided by the browser as an add-on