List of Needed Improvements from an Ol' Timer

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I'm not a very well known poster on this site but, I've been around for a long time. This account was created in 2007, I also had a lost account for 2005, and before that I lurked about the site for awhile. This is the only forum I used to ever post on. I feel like I've seen a lot happen over the years even through the bad stuff I stuck around. Mainly because, I really enjoy decent amount of the community. I left the site after the web redesign and just in recent weeks trying to give the new layout decent shot. I know they're are a lot of posts like this but, I just wanted to to throw my two cents in since I'm a little late to the party.

The site design has already happened so, I'm not going to whine about changing back I'd like to discuss some things that will make it feel more like home again. It's going to seem like I'm bashing the entire site but, in reality i really don't think it's all that bad I think the entire site needs tweaks not a rework or a revert.

Here's a list of the Needed Improvements, Feedback, and observations I've made upon returning ranging from big things to small things in no particular order.

Warning: Tons of Nitpicking will be done.

1. Lack of Legacy Platforms (Forums)

This wasn't the most popular forum but, for active retro gaming discussion this was the place to go. You've completely left this audience with no home and really nowhere to post besides general. In an attempt to streamline you cut out an entire group out of the equation.

2. Lack of PC Hardware (Forum)

This had an extremely dedicated and educated community behind it that you also left with out a home. This is a MAJOR problem by doing this you've now basically merged PC gaming with PC hardware making PC gaming much more of a messy forum.

3. Homepage is Messy (Site)

The homepage looks really sloppy it's of sections and information all crammed into page and It just really does not look right. All needs is a simple reorganization to make it look more clean. Overall the design is slick it just fails in presentation.

4. Lack of Rotating Banner Homepage (Site)

The rotating banner on the original spot was nice where you put all the major stories to check out really quick now its just a singular banner seems like a downgrade to me.

5. Profile Page Very Cluttered (Forum)

The profile page much like the homepage seems really unorganized It looks nice though just needs a bit of tweaking

6. Site Runs Slower than Ever (Site)

I have really solid internet speeds, but for people that don't they're are many unavoidable things that make pages a chore to open. This was a problem with the original site but, if your going to modify things things might as well work on this while your at it

7. Streamlining the Forums didn't really make a lot of sense (Forum)

This basically just goes with point 1 & 2. We have a big community here with enough active posters to have more specific areas too discuss more specific topics. I'd say it's worth a brainstorming session to think some good new areas of discussion

8. Re-implement the Old Report Button (Forum)

I was very active at reporting topics that violated the ToS (mainly spam). These days I don't even know how to do it I was guessing it was flag or something? Point being i'm sure if I didn't know how to do it at face value I'm sure others didn't as well. The old report button was nice right to the point and you choose the reason why you were good.

9. The MASSIVE video at the top of the review pages (Site)

This is horrible and loads slow. Not everytime I open up the review page do i want to have that staring me down in the face. Most of the time i just want to read the article.

10. Move the rating and the "goods & bads" part of the review page closer to the top (Site)

Sometimes when short on time or lack of interest I want to just peak at the goods & bads + score now i have to scroll all the way down to the bottom this is a minor inconvenience and contributes to an overall sense of clutter

11. No PSvita or 3DS forums (Forum)

This creates a similar problem to the PC Gaming / PC hardware. Removing this moderately active areas of dicussion of you've made the now merged Playstation/PSvita, Nintendo/3ds, areas a huge cluster of random topics. This is also falls under the category of a major problem

12. No Unions (Forum)

People really cared about them bring them back. It's just laziness not too.

Will update with more overtime with more that I see and hear if you have anything ranging from minor to major just list it here I'll most likely add it to the list.

Clearly these forums / site needs help the community has become a ghost town compared to its former self

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Hi there SaintJimmmy,

Answer #12 : the Unions will be in the 1st month or so of 2014 as they are having the final tweaks being added. You can find them by searching your Forum History

#11 the PSvita forum and 3ds forums are now in these forums
Playstation and Nintendo (3ds, Wii, WiiU)

#8 to report a post you hover over the post and press the Flag button it then arrives on the Moderators Queue and will be handled when the moderators can get to it

Hope that clears 3 things up

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@juniorpower: Thanks for taking the time to read this and give a quality response much appreciated !

that certainly does knock three things out of the water right away.

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@SaintJimmmy said:

@juniorpower: Thanks for taking the time to read this and give a quality response much appreciated !

that certainly does knock three things out of the water right away.

for number 1 and 2, the forums are still here. they are just hidden from the main list. and since they are hidden, the activity on each of those forums has suffered severely. here is the legacy forum, and here is the pc hardware forum. I wouldn't doubt that there may be other previously split forums hidden around the site. finding them may be a chore, but they may be out there.

as for 8, you can flag down spam that way, but it is not recommended to do so since last I heard, there was a fatal glitch in the system that would cause it to reflect negatively on your profile rather than the intended positive effect. im not entirely sure if this has been fixed yet or not, so be cautious.

and finally, for 12, there are now "union boards" that replaced the old unions, but only a few of the old unions made the cut to be changed into their own board. they are nowhere near as streamlined as unions were, but at least its something. I have already compiled a list of unions that made it in another thread, but it may not be all of them.. check my thread, and then check your post history to see if any of the old unions you may or may not have been a part of made the cut. you can find my thread here. in that thread, you will also find feedback and bugs pertaining to the "union boards."