Known Technical Issues 9/19 (please check here before posting)

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It's time to post one of these topics again to catch you up with what we know and what's being worked on.

As we continue to troubleshoot these technical issues, we appreciate your continued patience, and notifications about issues you've encountered, even if you do create a new topic and get directed to another one, please do take a moment to copy/paste your issue in that report. It helps us to investigate accounts to find if it's related to international bugs or if it's happening to everyone.

Items you should know about.

- Rebuilding GameSpot: We are in the process of rebuilding the site so please read this information from our lead GameSpot Developer.

- Report Missing Patches, Demos, and Mods (File errors): We have a server down that contains all of the old file data.

- Wishlist (aka customizable game lists) was a temporary feature for the wishlist holiday guide and before it goes away, be sure to grab any games you want to follow.

- Profile level moderations that drop you to level 2 or 3. We had a technical issue a few weeks back and if you want to restore your profile level post in this topic.

- Disabling Image Uploads Reminder: We disabled this access as we build a better image tool in 2013.

- Excessive Profile Boost: This was actually intential when many people weren't level for nearly a month there. If you had an extreme level boost weeks back this was because we granted profile levels to your account to give you an estimate of what you would have received with the new profile leveling system. Now, dont forget that if you are a low level account you will receive an extreme boost, but if you're in the level 50-70 range you may not see much of a level jump.

Here's the current known issues we've been checking into.

- User Profile Images not displaying: Top prioity item we've been investigating.

- Cannot change settings unless its the Fuse settings: A staff member is determing what will be done with this issue.

- In-Game Achievements Not Displaying Recent Activity - Looks to be about the past 3-4 weeks.

- Registration page has broken privacy policy link

- Oops errors or GameSpot is loading slow, causing people from loading a page. Please continue to report your issues in the sticky topic. We have multiple bugs filed for this issue and we'll continue to investigate the problems.

Other items we know about.

- Old Avatars not appearing in comments. We;ve let our third party partner know about this bug and they plan to get it fixed soon.
- Can't access union boards.

- Users are unable to post if the body of the message contains an pound currency sign.

- Malware concerns due to users having an external image hosting. This is an issue we've been contemplating for some time as we want all of you to have options to upload your images elsewhere. However, if one user is causing issues to load a page, we're going to have to do something about allowing external hosting. This is still being determined by staff and I'll follow-up once they have a solution to the problem.

If you don't see a technical issue that doesn't mean we haven't reported it, this is just the list we have higher in the queue. If you think we might be missing one that should be higher in the queue, please post here.
Thanks again for eveyrone's reports!
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Thanks for the info. I wish the transition went more smoothly because a lot of good users left.
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I hope we don't lose anything in the rebuilding of the site, like Unions.
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I tried posting a review using IE9. All the line breaks between paragraphs turned into slash escapes so now the review looks like a wall of text!

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I tried posting a review using IE9. All the line breaks between paragraphs turned into slash escapes so now the review looks like a wall of text!


Having the same exact issue with my new reviews ;x