Known Technical Issues 1/7

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Hey GameSpotters!

According to our last report the bugs we've resolved include: logins requiring password changes, Union contributors cannot post news bulletins and frequently getting Oops errors when posting in union boards;


- Rebuilding GameSpot: No news about this just yet, but according to the GameSpot TV announcement, we're hoping to share something soon.

- How to report missing games or other data instructions

Technical Issues we're currently looking into:

- Users no longer receive emails about their tracked games

- Users cannot edit their settings to change emails and other related content (bandaid fix use your fuse settings)

- In-Game Achievements Not Displaying Recent Activity. (Playfire issue: I'll follow-up once I hear back from Lark about any changes).

- Sudden profile level boosts - some users reported jumping 1-2 levels a day.

- When rating or posting a comment forwards to (Intermittent issue)