Its impossible to find a game, your "list" system sucks

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Hi there Gamespot, It has been yeeeeears since I´ve logged to this page, and I did it only to write this, I was trying to find a good rts game, so I decided to look for it around your data base, but only to find that its almost impossible, for instance there is nothing like a "game list" or something like that. Forgive me if Im too stupid to use your system but I thought that you may want to know that it sucks really bad, you even have a list for "theme" O_o WTF??

Would it be hard to have a little bar that have all the game generes like FPS, RTS, MMO, etc instead of typing it?? even thou I typed "strategy" your system dont show anything even remotelly close that i was looking for

Here is a little video showing you what i'm talking about


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since this is the thread closest to my concern/issue, i might as well post it here, although not in exactly the same vein as the OP.

i just want to know if your games database will feature a search similar to the old one wherein i can choose the top-rated [genre] game for [console]. that was how gamespot helped me these past few years choosing which games to buy, rent or avoid. all i can see now is an alphabetical listing. it would really be helpful if there are some additional filters the way it used to be.

thank you.