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I just wanted to post a topic here that I can't edit my stacks. When I click edit, it either doesn't load the page at all (just a white screen) or loads half the list, with the delete/edit function greyed out. It is ok with short lists, but anything over 8 is buggy.

This has been happening for around 5 days now. I am using Firefox, however I have tried this in Chrome/Safari/IE as well and updated my flash and Java, to no avail. I also cleared my history and cache, thinking it backlogged, with no results. I did reply to another topic regarding the same issue, however received no reply and just wanted to make sure this bug is known.

I appreciate that the developers are busy with other priorities, but I thank you for reading this regardless.

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The server appears to be taking abnormally long to handle the request eventually resulting in a http 500 internal server error and the connection loading the base page being severed. The white screen bug appears to be occurring with less games than mentioned in the list, albeit less frequently. The lowest I've managed to reproduce the partially loaded list with so far is 9 games, 7 appears to work fine when the page loads at all - it's probably related to load size rather than the number itself, but does appear to break around 8 list items as mentioned. It's breaking half way through an entry (it's inconsistent as to which entry, but appears to consistently be half way through one of them - after the game/boxart/description/release date but before the GS score/personal rating) - resulting in a partial but working page that suddenly has the code cut off due to the connection being severed. This occurs for both ordered and unordered stacks.

Thanks for reporting - I'm sure LarkAnderson will get it added to the list of things to fix and ensure it's sorted out, even if not necessarily as a priority thing to fix.

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Ah, I see. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply, I appreciate it! Have a good day.

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I get this in my "My Collection" stack as well.