Is GameSpot now hosting ALL our gifs & pics?

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#1 Posted by Ne-Plus-Ultra (248 posts) -

I really haven't been posting much since the new site, but today I noticed that when I post a gif it's now being hosted here at GameSpot. With that discovery it made me wonder what the limits are, how big can the files be, and how many in the terms of Mb/Gb can you upload? Also once you upload an image how do you delete it?

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I searched and couldn't find anything.

#2 Posted by leon2365 (13053 posts) -

so far, it looks like every image is in fact hosted here, and there is no way to delete an image for now.

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@leon2365: I don't have any answers to my questions yet except I did find out how to delete an image, if you go to your images you'll see a button that says "Edit tags" if you press this an overlay will appear on all your images saying "Click to edit" from there all you have to do is click on the image you want to delete then click the button that says "Remove" then you will get a pop up confirming you want to delete it, and that's it image deleted.

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Yes, they are. It sucks.

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You can drag and drop images into posts though there is no way to edit their size when inserted like that.

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@Ne-Plus-Ultra: good on you for taking the initiative and finding a way to delete images. you should spread that information around. im sure many people will want to know.