Is GameFaqs a part of Gamespot?

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Awhile back I remember signing onto Gamespot using my old account which i cannot remember the password to. Hence I had to create a new one. I noticed the gamespot game forums used to take me to Gamefaqs just to post a reply to threads. Well I notice it no longer does this. It allows me to start threads, reply to them via gamespot once more. My account at Gamefaqs has been set to read only level 1, the moderators are horrendous there. I attempted to ask why my account was read only and got a reply from moderator in feedback telling me "Quit crying", i asked to remove my account from gamefaqs after that and was told read only accounts cannot be removed. I never did anything, i've been without a pc for god knows how many months lol. Gamefaqs moderation are ignorant and unprofessional. I'm wondering if gamespot is still affiliated with them?
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Gamespot used to share game-specific boards with GameFaqs until earlier this year, when the two were split apart. You can still use a Gamespot account to log into GameFaqs though, and vice versa. I'm not completely sure what the exact relationship is but the sites are definitely connected to each other in some ways.