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#1 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

We've been working on an update to the GameSpot image viewer and would like to share a look at the new in-page image experience. Out of the following set ups, which scenario would you prefer? Check the links below and vote!

Scenario 2: In-page image viewer w/ mini thumbnails below the image

Scenario 1: In-page image viewer w/ mini thumbnails above the image

In addition to the thumbnail preference, we'd want to hear your thoughts the new layout and performance as well as any bugs you might encounter. Details on how to submit your feedback are below.

Tips on how to submit your feedback or bug

Provide as many details as possible about the bug or feedback. 1-3 below are necessities. 4-5 may be requested by staff, might as well include them.

1.Web browser: Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome and the browser version.

2. Operating system specs: PC, Mac (and other details)

3. Post the error message

4. Can you replicate the issue? Type the steps you did to create that bug, if you can.

5. Provide screenshots of anything abnormal, which is causing you to have no fun whatsoever to post in the forums.

Known issues:

- Once you navigate out of the image viewer environment and then try to view another image it reverts to the pop-up viewer. This is expected behavior as we haven't set up our code to look for the new player. As long as you stay in the in-page environment via the related galleries you should see the in-page image viewer.

#2 Posted by kcwsk8 (3585 posts) -
I like the above the best. I am using Firefox. Im on a PC. And it works fine with no errors. Great job. :)
#3 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (23874 posts) -
I like the one below the best. I'm also using Firefox; using the computer. It works fine for me. Nice job. :)
#4 Posted by _LiquidFlame_ (13736 posts) -

Below the image. ;)

#5 Posted by Dan_Lero (7485 posts) -

I like above best, just how it is now. I also have no problems with it, i'm using Firefox on Mac.

#6 Posted by Stevewins1 (684 posts) -
I like below better.
#7 Posted by c_rakestraw (14793 posts) -

I prefer the thumbnails above the image. I'm using Firefox 3 on a PC, and I haven't had any problems with it.

Overall, I'd say the new image viewer is great. It's definitely a lot better than the old one.

#8 Posted by tmlim (566 posts) -

Currently 50/50. Doesn't make your job any easier! :)

I prefer the thumbnails on top. That way I can quickly see what the first few are right when the page loads.

#9 Posted by awesomejdude (4811 posts) -

I'm going with below. By the way, I like the new interface. :)

#10 Posted by canana (14796 posts) -

I personally prefer Scenario 1, must better in my opinion. I use Firefox and my OS is Windows XP.

#11 Posted by cruzer2605 (30 posts) -

i like the thumbnails above :)

#12 Posted by carstairs (6631 posts) -

Thumbnails below. Seems better for viewing the content, and everything is still nicely visible. However, this is on my 1680x1050 monitor. If I switch over to my 1024x768 monitor, I can't see the image and the thumbnails at load without scrolling, so I would rather have the image on top, so it can be seen immediately.

I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7 with a compact theme on Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

#13 Posted by 3DayFinisher (40501 posts) -
I like below the page. Google Chrome Laptop with Windows XP 1280x800 screen resolution. I got the iPhone page error, but that's a different story.
#14 Posted by msudude211 (44516 posts) -
I like when the pictures are below the image, but either of them look cool.
#15 Posted by kitty (115014 posts) -
I like the below page I'm using a desktop with Vista, 1440x900 is my screen resolution. I'll test this out on both of my labs and post the results later.
#16 Posted by forbiddenimage (1959 posts) -

I perfer thumbnails above the image. I am using IE. Im on a PC, and no errors.

#17 Posted by im_back (249 posts) -
I think below the image looks better. I'm using FireFox 3 on A Windows Xp, other than that, looks good :D
#18 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
Hmm... Well, if I can't choose to stick with the existing viewer, I'd go with thumbnails on top. Thumbnails on bottom creates visual clutter with the related galleries. A lot of the time I'm looking at images I want to see full size, not processed reductions. Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like thumbnails and full size images will show on the same page; navigating through multiple full size images seems to be a problem. It might be the test setup, or it might just be me, but comparing these interfaces side by side, it also seems like the new ones are noticeably slower than the existing one. (I'm on a pc with xp and Firefox.)
#19 Posted by tmaclabi (17108 posts) -
I like the image above, i am using Firefox.
#20 Posted by killerfist (19947 posts) -
I like the thumbs above the best. - Google Chrome - PC, Vista. - no errors. :)
#21 Posted by DarkFadi (1912 posts) -

Liked thumbnails below the image, and i am using windows vista with google chrome1.0.154.48and tried it with IE7 and firefox 3.0.6 with no error.

#22 Posted by -DaNuTz- (1430 posts) -

i like the thumbnails above the imag; i'm using Firefox 3 on Windows XP, so far no errors

#23 Posted by DivineSword (15782 posts) -

I like the thumbnails being below the image more, for some reasons it feels more natural there but that could just be me. I am using firefox 3.0 and a PC with Vista.

Edit - At this moment haven't encounter any error yet!

#24 Posted by Caddy (28709 posts) -
I like scenario 2 better, with the pictures below the big image. As for errors, I haven't found any yet.
#25 Posted by Fishn4Zora (230 posts) -

I prefer above, personally.

#26 Posted by mrhuntin (749 posts) -

i would say Scenario 2 is the best

#27 Posted by PSFreak1 (674 posts) -

I Like Below much better!!!

#28 Posted by Private_Adam (9864 posts) -
I prefer pictures below.
#29 Posted by SavoyPrime (40971 posts) -
I like the thumbnails above the image. Makes it easier for me to find the particular image I want to see instead having to scroll down a bit first. I'm using Firefox and Windows XP. Haven't had any errors yet. Good work. :)
#30 Posted by PSgeek (2778 posts) -

i like the below better than the above

#31 Posted by jcj19944 (24 posts) -

I prefer thumbnails below the image.If you're using a low resolution screen and thumbnails above,you'll have to scroll every time when you click next or previous to see the whole picture.

#33 Posted by nirmanag (688 posts) -

I like thumbnails above the image. Because it allows us to see what are the available images at the first glance. Then we can focus on the big image. Otherwise it tend to neglect available images and gets more focus on the big one on the top.

#34 Posted by Curlyfrii87 (14989 posts) -

I prefer below the image. Having to scroll to see the image is a small, but irritating chore.

#35 Posted by TheFragcat (2466 posts) -

I prefer above the image.

#36 Posted by dr_jashugan (2594 posts) -

I prefer below the image. That way is less distracting than above the image (but that's my opinion). 8)

#37 Posted by bededog (8579 posts) -
I prefer it below the image, it looks nicer.
#38 Posted by hank_101 (890 posts) -

I like the above version better. It seems to me that it is easier to see that way and you don't have to scroll all the way down. My computer specs:

  • Firefox version 3.0.7
  • Laptop PC running Windows Vista

Haven't encountered any problems.

#39 Posted by Willy105 (24587 posts) -
Scenario 1 please! I use Firefox 3 on XP.
#40 Posted by Deiuos (1402 posts) -

Hey Gamespot! I've been a web designer for quite a few years, and I just wanted to give you my professional input.

You want to have the small thumbnails below the large image because the user, when he looks at the pictures, is going to most likely scroll down to see the full image. Once they have seen it, all they have to do is click the next thumbnail, rather than taking the trouble (even if its small) to scroll back to the top of the page to see the next image. There are users that have large monitors that don't have to worry about this, but you have to consider your entire market: a lot of people in this country don't have large monitors, and will need to scroll down to see the entire image.

Now, even better -- if your programmers are up to the task, you could also give the user an option to change the placement of the string of thumbnails themselves. That way, everyone will be happy. :) But, of course, that's up to you. There's so many different variations you can have with this.

I personally just like a large image, and a "Previous" and "Next" at both the top of the image, and the bottom of the image. But, I can see why you have it the way you have it.

#41 Posted by Hungry_bunny (14293 posts) -
I'd like the thumbnails below the image. I usually just use the Next-Prev buttons and the less scrolling I'm forced to do the better. When the thumbnails are BELOW I can see like 85 of the screen and that's fine for me... when the thumbnails are above I can only see half the pic and that's kinda forcing me to scroll. But I haven't seen any bugs or glitches. Firefox 3.0.7, PC, Resolution 1024 x 768
#42 Posted by emblem_2007 (3146 posts) -

I think it looks better below the image.

#43 Posted by fraz1776 (2269 posts) -

I think below looks the best. I'm using Google Chrome on a PC, no problems.

#44 Posted by Lady_Lilly (258 posts) -
in my opinion, i think it looks better above its below most of the time anyway, why not changing it? besides, im using firefox and xp
#45 Posted by nicklech16 (310 posts) -

I think it looks a lot better if the thumbnails are above the image ... otherwise it's kinda confusing what's the "Related Galeries" and what's the Thumbnails, I think ...

Anyway it's cool that u guys change the layout of the image galleries - they really looked like oldschool ;)

#46 Posted by dark_being (3804 posts) -
I like the below thumbnails. I'm using Firefox on a Windows XP professional (SP3) for the PC and I couldn't find any errors what so ever.
#47 Posted by ZeroGravX (1296 posts) -

I like the thumbnails below the image myself. But I do have 2 questions:

  1. On the right of the images is a large blank space where, I'm assuming, a skyscraper ad would be for non paying subscribers. Is the blank space going to remain for paid subscribers, or can it be laid out so that the image and thumbnail bar fill the whole space?
  2. Also, I like the way it works now, but could you take it a step further and have images "swap out" instead of reloading the whole page? It'd save you guys bandwidth for one, but also gives it a smoother feel when just clicking the left or right buttons to view each image.

Other than those question, seems to work fine for me and I'm using Safari 3.2.1 on Mac OSX 10.5.6.

#48 Posted by Gen_Warbuff (8976 posts) -
Not sure why, I just happen to like thumbs below the image a lot more. Just looks..... cleaner?
#49 Posted by Jonesy914 (1119 posts) -

I prefer the thumbnails below the image, they seem to fit in neatly.

IE, PC, and no errors for me. :)

#50 Posted by Einhanderkiller (13250 posts) -
1. Firefox 3.1 beta 3 2. Windows 7 x64 build 7000 Feedback: I'd like for an option to always display the full-size image. It'd save me a lot of time since I always view the full-size image.