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The number of images on my profile is currently showing as 4 despite only having three uploaded.

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Could you please provide a screenshot?

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Thank you.

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I've noticed something similar on my account and on tempaccount's. My count is one too high; tempaccount's is one too low.

I only noticed this after I did some cleanup; I don't know if the count was off before that or not. I did the cleanup recently, after the edit tags/delete option was available again. I don't think I tried any deletes before that, but it's hard to be sure. I don't know what tempaccount's pattern of activity was, but his main account was of course one of the ones affected by the delete image bug.

I thought about posting a similar thread, but on the surface the issue seems kind of cosmetic. The only real concern is if it indicates something more significant is amiss under the surface...

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im fairly confident that some of the images uploaded for your profile on the settings page count enough to be counted but dont show up in your gallery. the gallery might also count some images that you have deleted but still exist on the server. perhaps you posted an image somewhere then deleted it from your images section, however it is still accessed everytime it is viewed. it will either stay until it isnt used or until someone clears the table of left overs.

12 images show in my collection. but it counts 20.