I noticed something weird with the timezone settings

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#1 Posted by super600 (31200 posts) -

I been noticing that in the last week or two that something really weird has happened with the timezone settings on GS.Sometimes the time on GS is a couple of hours ahead of the actual time.I'm using the MT timezone on GS since I live in an area that using this setting.I don't know if it affects any other timezone yet.

Example of this glitch.I don't catch it all the time.It sees to disappear in affected threads at times.


#2 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

i have noticed this as well.

though it doesnt persist. usually i can just refresh it back to normal.

though when it happens, its like dafuqs?

We are time travelers:o

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I've noticed it as well. It fixes after I post, so I never thought of it as a big issue. It only happens sometimes.