I lost my GameSpot account that I have been using for years

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I've had my GameSpot account (koreform) since like mid '00s. I created this account just to post this. I never posted anything in the forums, but I still used it then and now. Yesterday, after deleting my old email account, I changed my GameSpot email address to my new one and changed the password. I posted 2 posts in the forums, and when I logged out and tried logging back in - for some reason the password didn't work. I tried my old one, but that didn't work either. And when I tried the password lost feature, it didn't send anything to my email. Again, I don't have access to my old email because I deleted it.

Please, can anyone from GameSpot help me? I have been a faithful user for years and now I have been rudely denied access.

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Hey there is this the account in question ? Koreform

@LarkAnderson should be able to help you out contact him with the account email and username so that he can send a User account request


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Thanks for the advice. I was looking around the forum and found that someone else was having a similar problem. I picked up from that thread to contact either @DigitalDame or @LarkAnderson. So I did that. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. Thank you again.