I can't click on links in forums. (not supposed to make another thread but...)

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I can't click in the stickied link to tell anyone I have this problem, so please don't mod me. But the only thing I can do is make new threads, although I won't be able to access this after I post it.

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If you have adblock plus use this


You can bypass the unclickable links by looking at your posting history.

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I'm having the same problem, I had to google this thread to click it from the search engine.. One thing I noticed is that there is a little circle towards the top right of the forum bracket with a ? in it and clicking it brings up some nlink window or something. Can't click into any threads at all on both my computer and phone.

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I am also having this problem

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Generalized Chrome Fix:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Javascript > Manage Exceptions > Block "www.gamespot.com"

Significantly reduces functionality on the website(Breaks WYSIWYG and a few other things), but it allows you to browse the forum.

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I put in that code and restarted my browser a bunch of different times, but it still isn't working. The links are clickable for a few seconds then they don't work. Is that two hash marks in that code or three? I tried just two.

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Significantly reduces functionality on the websiteKingsMessenger
lol the website has become more functional for me then before.
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Ok the code does work, and it is three hashes.

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Same with me. Cant click thread titles in forums. Im on Firefox and not using ad block plus. My temporary workaround is just use Internet Explorer.

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I can't click links in the forum on Chrome. IE works fine.
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Create a custom filter in adblock plus with this:


If you're in uk try this


Or replace UK with whatever you have