I can't enter my profile...(bad getaway).

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Every time i click on my profile picture it says Bad Getaway - Site under maintenance, and shows a picture of Abraham Lincoln in a space suit riding a reindeer with a Mexican wrestler's mask(lol). I'm already signed in, what should i do?

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Works fine for me, I recommend you try again - the page you mention is a standard page that comes up when the site has certain issues, of which are normally quite temporary in nature unless there is planned downtime.

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A what? getaway driver?man you made my day,but seriously. Refreshing the page might solve this "getaway" problem

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"i want to eh eh getaway I need to eh eh getaway...."

but In all seriousness, could be a browser issue, or a weird plugin. try it in an in private/incognito window or try a different browser.

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Lol it works now, i had to wait i guess. Thanks for the help. :)