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Just an FYI - you have this game launching in December? It launched yesterday (I played it last night). Gotta get on the ball kids!

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Hi there @boogity1

Please link the game so that the Staff can update it


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We had a huge thread for correcting things like this in the past (that Drac from gamerankings used to run, he's not around much these days though), but I believe part of customer support can handle these still (or most staff members, I would assume) - chances are with the new site quite a few things changed in the backend. Generally speaking some sort of proof needs to provided though, whether that be a reliable source on the web or something else. You used to be able to add suitable box-art to game pages via pretty much the same methods, I'm unaware if that is still the case though. Something like this would do in this case I guess:

Game Name: How to Survive

Release Date: 23rd October 2013 (See GiantBomb, IGN)

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thanks robbristow - yep, thats the one