How to get past Level 40 Abobo

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#1 Posted by avneet1 (236 posts) -

Hi Guys,

It's literally been over 6 months now where everytime I reach 100% on level 40 Abobo, it resets the next day back at 0% (still rank 40). I'm finally curious enough to find out what is going on because I see so many other people posting on the forums not locked to level 40 like I am.

#2 Posted by dab198 (3909 posts) -
This is the first time I've ever heard something like this happening. I guess we'll see what happens when you reach the end of level 40 (again) in the very near future.
#3 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
Indeed. My reaction also. I was hoping someone would join in observing this. Thanks again dab. I'm seeing avneet1's current progress as Level 40, 98%.

#4 Posted by avneet1 (236 posts) -

Thank you to who ever quitely fixed it because today I noticed I finally reached level 41 :D

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Good to see. Closing this thread up then.