How to add games to stacks.

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Now that stack edit option is totally useless, I was wondering how are you able to add games via main pages of the games. There is the "FOLLOW" button but none for stacks. Anyone know how or why?

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I am also wondering this. There was an "Add" button not too long ago, but it has since disappeared. I'd like to add games to my stacks.

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I thought it was just me having a WTF??? moments. Where did the Add button go? How do you add a game to your stacks?

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Same problem. Please fix.

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another epic fail from Gamespot... keep on the good work!!!

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Can we get a confirm from anyone at GameSpot that this issue is being looked into?

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seems like the staffs on vacation..

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@d-teg: Seriously, or are you being sarcastic? In any case, with people being laid off GameSpot might be in bit of disarray... although most of the layoffs seems to be the journalists.