How much would you pay per year to disable ads?

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Posted by SunnyDU1 (25 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: How much would you pay per year to disable ads? (15 votes)

$0 - I love ads and find the "It's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you..." song soothing. 87%
$20 - I'm annoyed easily, but I'm also on a budget. 7%
$40 - Keep in under the XBox Live price and I'll be happy. 7%
$1,000,000 - I'll pay anything to never hear that song again. 0%
#1 Posted by foxrock66 (406 posts) -

Pay money so I don't have to deal with minor annoyances like ads but my money doesn't do jack to get rid of/fix the rest of what is wrong with this site?

Hahaha no.

#2 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8221 posts) -

$20 if the site is fixed and we get some features back from the old one. Right now, I wouldn't pay anything.

#3 Posted by dab198 (3927 posts) -

Exactly how much as I used to pay before paid subscriptions were removed (although I forget how much that was). I'd much rather support the site, but if that's not an option, I'll just stick to using Adblock Plus.

#4 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

I don't really notice the ads as I only use forums now. so im fine with them I guess.

#5 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

I already have Adblock Plus on my laptop, so...

#7 Edited by nait2k4 (79 posts) -

I feel like a content thief by using AdBlock, but if its a choice of that or browsing the site with it looking like a team of Junior Marketing Executives threw up all over it, I will quite happily stick with option A.

#8 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

I wonder what happens if I try using gamespot in "reader" mode.

#9 Edited by undeadgoon (638 posts) -

@AvatarMan96 said:

I already have Adblock Plus on my laptop, so...

Yeah this.. and you can donate as much as you like

#10 Edited by Master_Live (16102 posts) -

Nothing, I wouldn't give a penny to this garbage of a website. Adblock it is.

#11 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

I wouldn't pay anything to remove them. If ads bother me that much, I would just stop going to the site that had the ads that bothered me or do what I do now, which is use ad-block.

#12 Edited by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -

I'd just pay to get rid of the problems this new site caused...

#13 Edited by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

if something like this were to get implemented, it should be part of a package of other features. as a stand-alone service, I don't think it would be worth paying too much more than $5.

#14 Edited by andruxandd (138 posts) -

Adblock Plus is the option...Pay for ads? Never!

BUT... i give 10 bucks to GS to bring back the old site :) REALLY!

#15 Edited by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

it wouldn't be smart to bring back the old site. it would be a waste with the amount of work that has been put into this new layout.

#16 Posted by TAMKFan (33059 posts) -

I wouldn't pay anything.