How do you pick helpful reviews?

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I noticed that in some game pages there are 2 user reviews that are deemed "Helpful" over dozens of them. How does the site exactly a pick a review to be helpful or not? By the user votes?

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Easy enough,just how convincing and enticing the review itself,it's based on the reviewer's experience with the game

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Helpful user reviews are based on the user votes, yes. It also appears to be based more on quantity of up-votes than of the relation between up/down votes.

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@robotopbuddy: So you're saying the ones who reviewed the game much earlier and got 50 votes will stay in main page forever with the seal of "helpful review" and the one with later but much better review will stay somewhere below the user review page never to be seen by anyone? That is a VERY impractical and not to mention unfair method. Does the web designers even think before developing and implementing such things?

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For older games, quite possibly - I should point out that that was based on fairly limited observations however, it's possible that it's actually a mix of amount of upvotes and up:down vote ratio, which would be much fairer. It does have it's flaws though certainly, and worse still can be abused, especially with the relatively small amount of people that actually read&vote for user reviews on the new site. We're expecting a user-content spotlight area of sorts in the future, albeit not particularly short term, so hopefully that will also help to get better reviews back into public vision.

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According to the development team, these are "upvoted" by users.