How do I insert youtube videos in a forum post?

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The video button is glitched. It only searches for videos from gamespot. When I try to paste a link from youtube or any other site, it says 'sorry I don't know this service'. When I click the video tab again, the link insertion box is grayed out and soon as I click anywhere on the screen it disappears.

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For me it works fine just entering the page URL for the youtube video (e.g. "" without the "s) into the URL for the video you want to embed box and pressing insert. The search I believe is only meant to search for GS videos at this point in time. Ensure that you're using a suitable URL in the box - it doesn't want embed code, it just wants the URL the video appears on.

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I still get that "Sorry, I don't know this service error. I was trying to insert this vid as a test to see if it works. Even when I remove the s from https:// I still get the error.

Here is what I pasted into the URL box

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Seems to work fine for odd. I seem to get the error when using unsupported sites still so it doesn't seem to be just due to being a mod, though I'm can't be certain. Can you post this via quoting?

Do you use any script blockers, etc? I believe the video feature relies on embedly, and your browser may be preventing it from doing it's part.