How about fixing the issues with your game database?

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  • Searched for the game 'Sorcery!'
  • Got this as a result page...
  • The first three results ('Sorcery!', 'Sorcery +' and 'Sorcery') all link to the same page, i.e. that of the last game in that list (the thumbnail of which is incorrect).

Is there some issue with the way the site's underlying code parses html syntax containing non-alphanumeric characters?

Or is the database just completely screwed?

I suspect the latter, considering games that were previously included (prior to The Change... e.g. 'Tangiers') are now no longer discoverable. Is anyone actually maintaining it at present? I'm not really seeing much in the way of new games being added (barring the obvious AAA titles). :|

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one bug at a time I guess.

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@s_h_a_d_o: Those are all the same game but different releases. Right? Or are they totally different?

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@edgework: Completely different games...

Also, Satellite Reign is another title that was in the database prior to this redesign, and which now cannot be located in Search results

Are you sure Satellite Reign was in the old GameSpot? I couldn't find it in the old database. Regarding the duplicates, I'll get that on the to-fix list. Our game db is huge. Its not out of the question that its not 100% accurate.

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@edgework: I'm reasonably certain both Satellite Reign, and Tangiers, were part of my original Followed Games list, as I'm rather assiduous in appending to the latter as I discover new games (though I cannot be 100% certain without reference to my list as it was under the last iteration of the site) - Ghost of a Tale is another, as I recall.