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Why the hell did you change the site? I used to love coming here because Gamespot had a great search function. I could search by year, by similar titles etc etc . and was so easy to use. Now the site is a mess and slow. Gamespot is shit now. I hate it here.

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I also took a break of a few months (years?) and came back here trying to search for new racing games. Or simulation. So neither are genres, according to the search criteria?? What am I supposed to search for if I want to find racing games??

Also seems that search in the forums is broken... I get a form and I fill some of the fields, get the same form again, fill different fields, get the form AGAIN... no search results, no error messages. Seems I won't be coming back here for a while...

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I feel sucked too.

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everyone hates it. but i love the dark theme. I don't like sites with white backgrounds.

other than that i hate everything. I hate that my ratings disappear in my profile, i hate the fact that the search is completely useless, i hate the horrible game pages that tell you virtually nothing and are set up like a carnival that's so busy that you spend a few minutes just staring around at things and noticing all the redundancy and lack of salient, specific information.

You wanna know what kind of game watch dogs is? LMAO BRO, you better google that, what are you, a noob? everyone knows what kind of game watch dogs is b/c everyone was watching the E12 streams on brocast with their T1 lines and 4 lcd double wide monitors. bro. how do you like the synopsis that's one sentence and has spelling errors? you like that? we do to muhahahhahaha.

complaining on the forums bro? yeh we love that. makes our coffee breaks around the water cooler soooo timeworth and hilarious. we mainly just ignore you, but its really fun to watch the unpaid mods try to appease the stupid cows that complain. what really gets us is when you lost all your reviews and you rage quit hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahaahaha