Has anyone else stopped receiving email notifications?

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Like when you get a reply to a comment or likes. They have stopped appearing in my inbox. Kind of annoying since I don't tend to stick onto one page for all that long to wait for a reply.

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I have, for months already.

Yet, really, fixing this appears to be low on GameSpot Technical's priority list.

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i have stopped receiving months ago gamespot have no clue like usual. all my settings are correct and my email account is not blocking. there's always the possibility that gamespot have done this deliberately to shut you up.

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Hi Guys,

Im here to tell you that the Staff have been notified of this problem but, they have so much stuff ahead of this that it will take forever to get to it. Im not sure how long but, all we can do it hope they can get to it soon :)


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I still get some, but many times I'll notice comments directed at me that I should have gotten a notification about that I didn't receive anything about.

I also get notifications, check them and the notification counter gets back to zero, then later it'll say I have a notification and it's the same notification.

Must be glitchy.

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@jp_: thanks i can see your only doing your job but find this issue unacceptable iv had it for over 6 months and looks like a permanent one. also i find the method of help is very poor for website. you have to mess around posting instead of dealing with a technical team.

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@lamprey263: that sounds related but is not the issue here. its about the notification going to your email i didnt even notice that was a counter and it deviantly has never moved from 0 since the start of the new site so the full thing is broken

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@jp_: Thanks for the reply. I'm sure we can grin and bare it for a while. Probably stops us all from dragging out arguments for six days anyway, since we don't see people's replies.

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It appears to have been fixed for me, after I reset my notifications settings just recently.

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still no change for me i think it might be time to close my account for good if it doesn't get sorted soon.