GS Video Player Sucks?

Posted by Blutfahne (272 posts) 1 month, 15 hours ago

Poll: GS Video Player Sucks? (6 votes)

Yes 67%
No 33%

Gamespot's video player is trash. The advertisements play flawlessly but "Reality Check" or w/e else I'm watching barely plays. Audio and video get desynced a lot with constant pauses. GS needs to fix this problem.

#1 Posted by Blutfahne (272 posts) -

Well then there you have it. 2 out of 3 people agree GS video players suck and needs to be upgraded/replaced.

#2 Posted by harry_james_pot (10651 posts) -

Well, it runs just fine for me, no desyncs or any kinds of problems. Are you sure it's not something on your end?