GS's new look & new features not as Impressive! [ANSWERED]

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I just wanted to let you know that this new look of the website has made a lot more troubles for us. Before the change, I always used GAMESPOT because it was simply the best & easy to use gaming website. But now i find it hard to do things that i did easily e.g.

1: When we search a game, it starts from "Review" page whereas it should load from "Summary" page but that's no big deal.

2: We can't find downloads for demos or patches anymore. We just clicked on "Downloads" in the past & all downloads showed up but now there is nothing like it.

3: Whenever we opened up any game, there was a short list of games on left side which showed similar genre games, which is now, gone.

4: Website is heavier & It takes more time than it took before to load the page.

5: Also whenever we opened up any game, there was a button "More Info". Which was used to find out if there were any other releases of the game e.g.

When clicked on "More Info" in Prince of Persia page, it showed Prince of Persia 3d, Sands Of Time, Warrior Within and the next 3 releases. But now we can't find it.

But there is good change in searching. In "Search" now we can easily find games by quick search without waiting for the search results to load in the page.

I hope they bring all those features back. Because it isn't as user friendly as the old GAMESPOT was.

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Thank you for the feedback, I will add this link to this weeks Bug and Feedback Report.

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I second everything @rizi89 said.

To summarize, the new site might look better on the first look, from the look of a person not looking to do anything, just looking at any site. But to anyone that needs things done, it's less functional and useful.

If there's a way to access the old version of the site, please let me know.

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Being a user, it is my duty to let you know what i or other users feel about GS.

& Thanks for the vote of confidence @DigitalDame & RafaelLVx. I thought no one would reply. :)