Glitchy Gamespot settings and no account deletion?

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So I came to Gamespot more and more recently because I got very very tired of another gaming news site and their pathetic dive down the hole of garbage the last few years.

The problem I have is that I keep adjusting my settings to only notify me when someone responds directly to a comment I make. The setting never sticks and instead I get an email every single time anyone comments anytime on any article I have commented on. This has resulted in me getting hundreds of pointless emails per day for comments unrelated to my comment, and every time I change the settings and save it, it never saves and I can't stop it from emailing me.

I tried to go to the forums and eventually wound up sending a direct support message about this asking for a fix so I can enjoy this website without being hounded by hundreds of emails, but when I submitted, the page refreshed and did not seem to actually submit anything. I have not gotten a response back since then, a few days I believe, so I assume it didn't work.

So I got fed up and decided to just give up on Gamespot as well, but the next problem is that I cannot find any way to delete my account anywhere. So I cannot change these settings, I cannot find any answers, I cannot send a support request, and I cannot delete my account to stop all this barrage of pointless emails from Gamespot.

I'm at a loss. I came here hoping this would be a better experience than another major gaming news site I used to be on but this has already proven to be a horrible experience and yet another gaming website that can't seem to build a website without glitches or respond to their consumers. Disappointing and I am debating what to try next.