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I'm getting spammed with e-mail notifications for every post that appears on the Black Flag review. Used to just get notifications for just those responding to my comments, now it’s for every comment. I even turned off the notifications and I'm still getting them.

#2 Posted by heretrix (37453 posts) -

This is happening to me as well and it's driving me nuts. I did exactly the same thing and it's still happening.

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I think it is because you are following the conversation. Just go over to the comment box and look right underneath for the -unfollow button. Click on that and it should stop the spam.

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@f22_king_raptor: That isn't it at all. There is no -unfollow option, only +follow. and I'm still getting dozens of emails.

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Yeah, the +follow button changes to -unfollow when you click on it. Anyway, have you tried changing your settings to this:

Hope that works.

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by default, you are set to receive notifications from everything that goes on in places you post in.

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@f22_king_raptor: I wasn't disputing if the -unfollow option exists, I'm saying I don't have that option. And like the person who started this thread said, I've disabled EVERY notification function there is available. I'm still getting emails.

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then it is most likely a bug.

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Same issue. Every time I comment anywhere I'm instantly subscribed to that conversation and get an email for every like and comment in the thread. It's freaking ridiculous. I came home from work and had motherfocking 700+ emails. I can't even use the email app on my phone right now because of this.

Yes, unfollowing the convo stops it. Until I comment again or somewhere else. I have all email notifications turned off in my settings. I shouldn't have to manually unfollow a convo every single time I comment.

This is seriously hampering my use of this place.

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So after having my damn mailbox flooded I took a look at one of the emails. At the bottom of the email you can unsubscribe from the conversation and I THINK the email flood should stop. All I know is after I did that the emails FINALLY stopped. But as foxrock66 says you shouldn't have to do that everytime you comment on an article.

This doesn't when I post in the forums, just article commenting. I would test it but after yesterday, no thanks.

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Well I just clicked on that follow unfollow button. Thanks for the tip. It is now reading unfollow. I will check back to see what's happened.

I actually had to go into my e-mail account and set it up to automatically dump anything from gamespot into the trash.

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same thing is happening to me just now

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Yup, unsubscribing will stop the emails. But only until you post another comment, then they start back up. It's ridiculous

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Welp... It didn't work. Regardless of what the button says, I'm still getting bombarded. This has got to be a bug.

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it could just be that all the notifications that would have been sent to you are now trying to catch up with your current notifications. happened to me once the notifications were fixed. had like 50+ emails and notifications.

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Negative. It's very fast and obviously new when it happens. I took the time to delete all the old ones, commented on that stupid COD thread, and ten minutes later I've hundreds of emails again. Hit unsubscribe, they stopped. Waited a bit, no messages. Commented again, not two minutes later BAM here they come again

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peculiar bug then.