Getting emailed every article's comment's gotta go

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I disabled every "Email Me" notification on my "Edit Profile" page to try and get rid of being emailed every comment that gets posted on an article that I have posted on, but I'm nevertheless getting these much unneeded emails sent to my account. I guess I could just mark this stuff as spam, but there's gotta be something that I'm just not getting on how to solve this problem using Gamespot's tools. Sorry if this has been posted already--I searched "email" on the forums and didn't find any noticeable results--but can anyone help out with this?

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I was having that bug myself for a while. What I did takes a while but it worked for me. Not sure if you need all those steps but I just really wanted to get rid of it =P First I disabled all the notifications, saved, didn't work. Then I logged out, cleared my cache, relogged, turned everything back on and saved. Then logged out and back in and turned everything off again and this time it stopped. Then I went back and turned only the ones I wanted back on, but obviously you don't have to do that. Never had that problem again.

Hope it works for you.