GameSpot Stylesheets not loading! Help! Panic!

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Stylesheets aren't loading on Gamespot for me, using Google Chrome 35 (without faults on other websites). I've cleared my cache and all local data.

This is a server issue I think. It's quite hard even posting here! (see screenshot)

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Yeah - the css doesn't work in Firefox 30 either - haven't been able to view the site all day in Firefox. Works fine in Chrome though.

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Been getting on Firefox and Chrome. As well on my phone. (That's been fixed.)

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I've noticed issues getting them to load recently as well - once they've loaded once the site appears to work fine altogether though and just repeatedly pressing the 2 A links will eventually get them to load as well (alternatively, repeatedly refreshing the applicable links below until the text shows may help, but that's no faster than just clicking the A buttons in practice). That's likely due to the browser caching them and then no longer having to load it from the server, suggesting that there's a frequent intermittent issue with the server sending the CSS data.

Here's the current CSS links (from this page, should be the same site wide though):

Dark theme CSS:

Dark theme WYSIWYG CSS:

Light theme CSS:

Dark theme WYSIWYG CSS:

These links should display as just long lists of text, but if they load correctly then just loading the relevant CSS page should be enough for the CSS to start working correctly across the site. There's a few other IE-specific CSS links in the source as well, but they're essentially just splitting the main theme CSS into 2 parts each and will have no direct effect on chrome/firefox.

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@omNOMinator: Thank you so much for including a screen shot. I'll be sure to send this over to the developers straight away.

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Some users have had success with deleting all of their cache, cookies, history, local files, etc.