Gamespot login concern

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so I heard about the big heartbleed bug news lately. and I am a little too unconcerned about my passwords lately. and accordingly to Lastpass. they say that GameSpot is at risk of an OpenSSL version. I'm uncertain and they are waiting for them for an updated cert.

Last I checked the updated Cert was 2 years ago!

I am wondering If there is going to be an update. because I would want to change my login securely.

I hope this post isn't too bad of an issue. I'm just a little concerned about the heartbleed bug going on with most of the websites online.

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@255Utah as far as right now the Staff might have plans i'm not sure myself I am going to go ahead and contact our devs to see if there will be a update on it soon

@stylyy will there be a Certificate update soon to deal with the HeartBleed?

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@jp_ alright, thanks for letting me know about this.