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I joined in 2007 I think, I had a premium account for years, in which i paid money for, a fair amount. At that time gamespot had some sort of youtube-like video posting site and such, and was completely different (better than this actually imo). I wrote reviews and used all the bells and whistles.

Few years later I return, and im not allowed to write a review for a game? "you are not allowed to write a review". Thats fine its your house, I just dont understand how you could not let people who previously used this site and that supported you for a dag on decade write a simple user review of a game. The money I paid to this site probably went into designing that "youre not allowed" message. I paid for that

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As a guy that's been here a long time and a person that has been a premium member since its inception, I don't think GS "owes" me anything like you proclaim. Things have changed over the past year. You're making a big deal over something that in the grand scheme of things, is very minute. Priorities....people...

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For clarification, is this happening when you go to a game's page and click "Write a review"? This was happening to me and several others a while ago but it's working for me again.

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@Korvus85: yeah, il investigate further. I havent logged in since all this change happened, so it could be something wonky. Ill report it as a bug if I cant figure it out. Thanks for reply

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@bl4hster: No problem. We're here to help. If nothing else works try logging out, clearing your cookies and all that, then relog and try again. I do that on a regular basis so I can't promise that's what made mine work again, but probably was.